Sheila Rhodes – Registered Care Manager


Sheila is a Registered Social Worker (HCPC), with over 18 years’ experience of working with adults in a number of different health & social care settings. Sheila takes the lead at Cumbria View in protecting adults from abuse & harm. She also ensures that Cumbria View staff are trained in awareness & management of medication.


Amanda Robinson – Office Administrator




Amanda is responsible for recruitment & retention of staff & advertising. “I like the variety in my work, I like meeting people & seeing how new carers progress through the company. I’m really proud of the care we deliver & equally proud of when staff move on in their career path, for example into nursing, “little acorns to mighty oaks” as they say”.



Helen Marwood – Finance Manager
Helen Marwood – Finance Manager


“I have been working in the social care sector for 30 years at various levels. It’s a role I have always undertaken & enjoyed. I am able to have contact with both health & social care professionals, service users & carers alike.”



Kate Coulter – Office Co-ordinator (Kendal)




“I have done this role for 5 years & I enjoy this job very much as I like the challenge. I also like the care side of the job, I like to go out on visits & ensure the carers are looking after our clients properly. I like to think of us as a family unit & that’s how we run here.”



Jennie Cousins – Care Coordinator (Kendal)



“It’s a very challenging job but at the same time very rewarding. I like to know I have managed to keep people at home for as long as possible. I like dealing with the carers as they are a lovely bunch of people.”



Magenta Barrow – Care Coordinator (Kendal)



“I’ve been working for Cumbria View for a month, and so far I’ve enjoyed working in the community as it’s entirely new to me and it’s a challenge. I like going out and meeting the service users and staff are very friendly. The other staff in the office are very helpful.”



Tina Skilton – Patch Leader & Care Co-ordinator (Carnforth)



“I have worked for the company for 13 years, I love working here & being able to spend time with clients in their day to day living. I also love being able to work in the office by making sure the care is covered by the appropriate carers, arranging treatment, dealing with any little problems, interacting & having a good relationship.”






“Hi! I’m Hazel, before working for Cumbria View I worked for several years as a shorthand typist before having my two sons. I’ve been working for CV since 1996. When I started, I never imagined I’d still be there 22  years later. I really enjoy the job, and know I’m one of a good team helping to allow service users to remain in their own homes. I love being able to help the service user in any way they’re needing, and it’s good to be appreciated by them. I usually go to the same service users so a rapport is built up between us, which I love, and I feel the continuity is good for both of us.





“Here’s Tim from Windermere Team sporting our new male uniform, the Service User’s ask if he has come to check their teeth!”